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Sep 334BC-The Siege of Halicarnassus

The Siege of Halicarnassus was fought between Alexander the Great and the Achaemenid Persian Empire in 334 BC. Alexander, who had no navy, was constantly being threatened by the Persian navy. It continuously attempted to provoke an engagement with Alexander, who would have none of it. Eventually, the Persian fleet sailed to Halicarnassus, in order to establish a new defense. Orontobates and Memnon of Rhodes entrenched themselves in Halicarnassus. Alexander had sent spies to meet with[...]More about this event.

begin 450AD-Attila claims hand of Honoria

Attila has sent diplomates to Ravenna to claim the hand of Honoria, sister of emperor Valentinian III of the western Roman Empire. Honoria, had, in order to escape her forced betrothal to a Roman senator, sent the Hunnish king a plea for help and her engagement ring in the spring of 450. Though Honoria may not have intended a proposal of marriage, Attila chose to interpret her message as such. He accepted, asking for half of the western Empire as dowry. When Valentinian discovered the[...]More about this event.

Oct 218BC-The battle of Rhone Crossing

The Battle of Rhone Crossing took place during the Second Punic War. The Carthaginian army under Hannibal Barca, while marching to Italy in the autumn of 218 BC, fought an army of the Gaulish tribe of Volcae on the east bank of the Rhone River possibly near Aurasio. The pro-Roman Volcae, acting on behalf of a Roman army camped on the east bank near Marseille, intended to prevent the Carthaginians from crossing and invading Italy. Devising a plan to circumvent the Volcae, the Carthaginians,[...]More about this event.